1st - 3rd

July 2016

Non-profit music and arts festival

helping to change the lives of thousands!






Shanti-Fest is ran by Lincoln-based charity Lincs2Nepal with one aim - to support and promote our projects in Nepal.


Lincs2Nepal is a 100% voluntary charity dedicated to improving the education, health and general development of families in the poorer communities of Nepal. We work specifically with underprivileged children and their families, providing education and infrastructure to whole communities. We are also heavily involved with disaster relief following the Nepal earthquake that devastated the country last year, helping over 7,000 people with life-saving aid.


Click here to find out more about Lincs2Nepal

For every drink sold at Shanti-Fest we will provide a person in Nepal with clean drinking water for a whole lifetime!


Here at Shanti-Fest our sole aim is to change the lives of the less fortunate in Nepal. One serious problem in this country is the lack of access to clean drinking water, resulting in the death of over 44,000 under five's every year.


To help combat this serious issue, Shanti-Fest will be providing clean drinking water to one person for a whole lifetime for every drink purchased at Shanti-Fest. By buying just one drink at our festival you could potentially save a life! <3


Note: All drinks will be pub prices, not rip-off festival prices so you can enjoy your favourite drink and know that you’re saving lives.


Buy a drink, save a life!

For every meal sold at Shanti-Fest we will provide 30 hot, nutritious meals to a child in Nepal


Imagine having to walk hours to work, not eating all day, then having to walk hours to get home!

Sadly, thousands of children in rural Nepal have to do this every day to attend school. As well impacting massively on their health, it also has serious effects on country’s school attendance rates, the children's concentration and in turn, their education.


Shanti-Fest and Lincs2Nepal have just set up a nutrition programme to help combat this problem. The programme provides daily hot and nutritious meals to children at schools in rural communities. In addition, all the food is purchased locally and we employ local cooks, increasing the economy in the local community. By purchasing just one meal at Shanti-Fest 2016, you will be providing 30 hot meals to one of the children on this programme.


Just another thing which makes our  festival even more beautiful and life changing!

The world’s first intercontinental music and arts festival!


2016 is the International Year of Global Understanding and at Shanti-Fest we want to be different as well as making a difference! What better way to do that than throwing two parties instead of one!! We'll be hosting parties in Nepal (7,300 km away on the other side of the world) at the same time and live streaming to and from both countries so we can all party alongside each other. A truly amazing feature that embraces unity in a way that cannot be experienced anywhere else!


Although the festival in Nepal is subsidised by ourselves, we still have to charge a small entry fee of £2. We want the festival to be enjoyed by as many people in Nepal as possible, so we've introduced "Share the Music". When purchasing your tickets to Shanti-Fest, you can also buy a ticket for someone in Nepal.These tickets will then be distributed to those who otherwise would not have been able to afford to attend.


For only £2 you can Share the Music with someone in Nepal. Purchase a Share the Music ticket

on any of the ticket pages.


Share the Music with someone in Nepal

Amazing people - Free tickets for Nurses, Junior Doctors and Firefighters


At Shanti-Fest and Lincs2Nepal, we love to help and support anybody who, like us, devotes their lives to helping others. Because of this we've introduced "Amazing People". Amazing People is a programme which will distribute an allocated number of free Shanti-Fest tickets to a select group of people. Each year this group will differ and be voted for by you!!


We all know that the people in the public service areas are going through tough times at the moment, so this year we have selected junior doctors, nurses and firefighters as our "Amazing People".


Nurse, Junior Doctor or Firefighter? Click here to grab your free Shanti-Fest ticket

One man’s waste is another man's treasure


Wastefulness is a huge problem in today’s society and here at Shanti, we plan to turn this issue into a virtuous one. Every day companies throw items away  that our artists could use to build Shanti-Fest sustainably. We can recycle salvaged materials, including  damaged wood, off cuts, old paints, pipes, tarps, fabrics…. let us know what you throw away and we’ll see if we can take if off your hands and turn it into  something awesome!!!


We want your waste!


Shanti-Fest, changing the lives of children in Nepal